I was saving the rabbits, on a PC, and then it was like BLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEP and, like, half of my boyfriend was kidnapped. And I was like....enh? Peggy devoured.....my boyfriend. He was a really bad boyfriend. And then I had to go rescue him and I had to do it fast and he wasn't that good. ....It's kind of......a bummer.

Uber Threats

Page 69! Ha ha, it’s the sex number.

Not much else to say about this page. Jill and Molly have kind of a neat dynamic because they have similarly cynical vibes but Molly actually cares about her job. Though I like to imagine the delivery fee is something she came up with herself.

I have a suspicion that Jill’s error message is a Carlos idea and not something I wrote. I wasn’t – and still aren’t – great at thinking of visual jokes like that. Comics are a collaboration, fortunately!


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