This is a magical girl comic so she just chucks the gun at people

Deck the balls with pows of Molly

On the one hand, Molly has a point here, but also she’s had multiple opportunities to Kill Jill Volume 1 and 2 so she really doesn’t have a leg to stand on here.

This is mostly a move-the-plot along page, but I like the little details. Molly needs glasses to read, Molly’s half-assing her job because it’s a punishment. Jill’s so justifiably pissed at missing out on a singing telegram that she hypocritically shames Molly for half-assing her job, only for Molly to hypocritically (and weirdly) get snooty at Jill for not getting married. Do people even know what the difference between Ms. and Mrs. is anymore? It’s a little weird that Jill cares enough to even make the distinction. I think Molly and Jill just kind of naturally dislike each other so much they’re looking for excuses to snark. If (When?) LotH ever gets continued, I’d expect them to have something of a Homer Simpson/Ned Flanders thing going on, except they’re kind of both Homer.

God, Dodecascrofa is such a terrible name what was I thinking. I know what I was thinking (dodeca for the 12th layer, scrofa is the scientific name for pig), but why didn’t anyone stop me? I had an editor!


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