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With great flavor, comes great heart disease
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Far From Home

Ah Jeez, look at this old comic. Takes me back.

Legend of the Hare is a comic writen by myself and Drawn by Carlos Ruiz. For the first 70-odd pages, it was also produced by Eric “Drowemos” Kimball, and is technically a spin-off to his series “Blade Bunny”, which is available. It ran for 104 pages, one of which was an animation. It was followed up by the currently ongoing comic “Saffron and Sage” which was drawn by Sofia Lopez and is now drawn by Carlos Ruiz. And now it’s in reruns with commentary from me, the writer!

This cover is, of course, a reference to a famous Spider-Man panel. I had an idea that every chapter of Legend of the Hare would have a cover page referencing a famous super-hero cover, but not only is this the only chapter cover in the entire comic, it’s not even referencing a Spider-Man cover, it’s referencing a Spider-Man panel!


One thought on “Far From Home”

  1. Sirksome says:

    LotH is back bro!

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