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All about the boom
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All about the boom

Oh snap, Riley is the Dog Hero?! Who could’ve foreseen? Riley’s magical boy outfit here, and to some extent Riley as a character, is a reference to Stacee Jaxx from Rock of Ages. I’ve never actually seen that movie, just the musical, but it stuck with me I guess. Jaxx isn’t really “the” villain of the musical, he’s just a rock star who seduces and quickly dumps Sherry like an asshole. I think the movie promoted him to protagonist or something? Like I said, I haven’t seen it, so don’t quote me on that.

I was all said to credit Carlos for the genius idea of having the “BOOM” sound effect be filled with flashbacks of Jill and Riley’s relationship, but I just checked the script and it was all me, baby! I mean, besides actually finding the specific scenes. That was Carlos. And obviously Carlos did all the work. But I had the idea of having the sound effect be full of flashbacks! And it’s a good idea, I should self-plagiarize it!


2 thoughts on “All about the boom”

  1. Myk Streja says:

    So. The dog champion is a dog. How fitting. Poor Jill, the hits just keep on coming.

    Psst! Click on my name to vote for LotH on TWC.

  2. someone says:

    So 66 vs 84 kg.

    I’d complain about not using Sane Units; but it absolutely makes sense that dogs would use the pound.

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