Jill you're the rabbit champion, can't you just jump?

Falls Count Anywhere

How did Jill and the Rabbits get to the pig layer, you ask? Well, you see, I’m changing the subject. “The following contest is scheduled for one fall” (ONE FALL!) is a common introduction to pro wrestling matches, as I was into rasslin’ at the time, whereas the Arena with the circular logo in the middle bisected by lines is meant to be evocative of a Pokemon gym. Riley’s been forced into what’s obviously a slave Leia outfit by Peggy, who’s where what’s rather less obviously Queen Beryl’s dress from Sailor Moon. The rabbit-themed bar on Jill’s side of the arena is meant to be “culturally sensitive”.

This is the first mention of Jill being from Somerville, which I vaguely remembered as having a nickname of “Slummerville”, but even back when I wrote this Somerville was pretty heavily gentrified and posh, and there’s no way Jill could afford to rent a house there. Really there’s nowhere in Boston you can rest a house like that with only one roommate, even Watertown. But I like Boston so maybe Jill mooches off Tempest and maybe Tempest is independently wealthy. When I started writing book 2 I actually lived in Somerville and some Somerville landmarks popped up, but when writing book 1 I lived in Cambridge.

This is actually one of the few pages that led to a lot of disagreement and pushback from Drowemos (my editor), about Jill’s weight. In the original script, Jill was 165 pounds (making her a Middleweight), and Drow felt I was overshooting, and it led to an amazing and probably cringy and better-off-forgotten argument between three men as to what was a “realistic” weight for a woman. Fortunately for us all, I no longer have that discussion, which may have been on Skype. Carlos pointed out that Jill is actually very smol, around 5’3″ (you can see this most clearly in page 39, where Riley’s a head taller than Jill even when bending a bit), so I relented and she became a 147-lb Welterweight, like Oscar De La Hoya. Welterweights were the hot popular boxing weight when I was a kid, so I was okay with this extreme high-stakes battle of how to be Properly Feminist in a scene that was going to end with Jill naked for no reason whatsoever. Oy.

Speaking of weirdly horny, Viola is looking at Riley and blushing. Hmm….


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