That's a cool landing but it's not very ergonomic.

All about the BBOM!

Davenport, Iowa is the hometown of Seth Rollins, who was the main bad guy in WWE at the time, back when he had the cool blond-streaked anime hair. Now he just has normal hair, boo!

Peggy’s weight being 125 pounds is obviously a work, even outside of her magical girl outfit, which is a weird mix of Sailor Moon and the original Built-In-a-cave-with-a-box-of-scraps Iron Man. I think the things on her shoulders are Air Conditioners, like how the Varia Suit works in Metroid, but that’s future me looking at the art years later past me wouldn’t have thought of that.


One thought on “All about the BBOM!”

  1. Sensei Le Roof says:

    Weight, 125? “Yeah, in your bra.”

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