"I've been thinking lately, about getting stuffed by your thing"
"Uh, nothing. Wanna go to my car so I can get crazy good hard stuffed?"
"Uh, nothing"

West CovinašŸŽµ

Aw, Jill is cute in that final panel!Ā 
This is actually one of my favorite pages in either this comic or Saffron and Sage, just for all the subtle character details I actually managed to write in for once. Riley’s movie posters are for Fight Club and Reservoir Dogs, two fairly stereotypical bro movies. Fight Club went over his head, he just thinks Tyler was cool. Reservoir Dogs is slight foreshadowing of Riley being the Dog Hero later. Meanwhile Jill is saying that she’s being thinking and wants to talk about “things”. Riley has a guest over and he goes to a fridge full of nothing but beer. In panel 3, Jill has a hand open to accept her beer, and then in panel 4 when she realizes he didn’t get her one, she does a little embarrassed recoil and then she offers to get him a drink. When rebuffed, she initially can’t answer Riley’s request for clarity, just re-iterating that she’s been “thinking” about “things” for a bit before building up the courage to make a decision. A terrible, terrible decision. But I’m sure it’ll go well and nothing bad will happen!

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