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Cocks and Ball

Oh hey, a mysterious new girl who’s the subject of maybe half the LotH fanart I’ve ever gotten and a commission of whom is printed out on a woodblock that’s in my living room. I’ll wait until her introduction proper to talk about her more as a character, except to note that she’s got a bit of a wrestling motif like Jill does (as if she’s some form of Jill foil…) and that I really like that black and gold version of her outfit Sabu made for a $5 patron pinunp a few months ago.

Otherwise, this is mostly just a transition page. We learn that our mysterious robed figure is both a princess and also someone who’s held in very low esteem, and that there’s a big ball happening. I don’t think I ever say this in the comic, but the reason there’s a big party is to celebrate the capture of the Dragon Champion, Amaya, who is the only fighter in the resistance above the age of 8. I really should have pointed that out in-text, even if it’s not hard to intuit, because then I could explain that Jill is the rabbits’ only hope and they have nothing else, which didn’t even get mentioned as a lore post. Ah well.


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