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Cock of the walk

This is a dumb joke, but I like the meta joke of the narration box apparently being afraid to make fun of Helen to her face. I’m a little bit baffled as to why none of the chickens are afraid of fear itself, but maybe past me thought that was too obvious.

Anyway, here’s Helen, champion of roosters (and presumably also hens). Unlike Peggy Farrow, Jill Leverett, and Molly Snowshoe, Helen’s name doesn’t have an animal pun in it, unless you count He(le)n, but I don’t think I was thinking that. I had a bunch of lore for Helen’s kingdom, which would be old-west themed, but it never comes up in the comic proper.

Helen was a very popular character despite her brief appearance, and got a lot of fanart. She was promoted to major character for Book 2, but then that ended up not happening. Her basic character concept was that she was “Better Jill”. ¬†She’s similarly kind of jaded and a little burnt, but she’s a heroic character who would quickly defect and potentially serve as an intermediary between Jill and Amaya. Sadly, t’was not to be, but maybe one day I’ll continue LotH book 2. These recaps sure do make me nostalgic.


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  1. maarvarq says:

    I’m always a sucker for 4th-wall breaking gags, and Helen’s challenging glare makes this one.

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