I have done nothing but scream about bread for three days

Who let the dogs in?

Hey, it’s Viola Cussi, the leader of the dog people! Her glasses, star collar, and “hairstyle” with the ears and top tuft of fur, bears a more-than-passing resemblance to the protagonist of the 2009 webcomic Raine Dog. A page of which strongly insinuated the main dog character had sex with a human boy, and was the loss.jpg of its time. Between the character resemblance and the fact that “Viola Cussi” is an anagram of “Lascivious”, I was worried everyone would instantly see this page, flash back to Starflower calling Riley a “dog” and guess the rest of the comic, but in fact no one ever noticed any of it. Lesson learned: It’s okay to be obvious sometimes.

“Oh god, the gluten!” is a funny background line.


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