Luckily, all Dog Champions go to heaven

Reducing headcount

Oh hey, how convenient, an opening in the Dog Champion position just opened up. A pig in the background contemplates revolution, which is actually kind of important foreshadowing!

As will be mentioned in fifty pages or so, the previous dog champion was executed for “threatening Viola’s purity”. There’s some story meat to the ideas that Viola’s dad keeps killing her boyfriends and also that Viola selects Dog Champions based on how hot she finds them even knowing they’ll likely be killed, but Viola doesn’t get enough screen time to evolve past the Raine Dog joke.

The original alt-text for this comic was “He has no many butts left to sniff :(“, which is presumably meant to be so many butts, but we’d already established that all the champions are humans? The dark secret of LotH (and Saffron to this day) is that I wrote the alt-text joke literally as I uploaded comic, and if I ever updated at like 12:10 it was because I couldn’t come up with a good one, as clearly happened here.


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