That's actually mint cupcake frosting.

Spring in my step

This is “p36v2”, but I don’t remember what changed between this and v1. Peggy’s reference to “no-no zones” was supposed to indicate she’s prudish, but comes off as kind of a random line and not a funny joke. This page does give off a good sense of her character. Her image on the tower, simultaneously giving a thumbs up and an OK sign, may or may not have been a reference to the Trillion Dollar Bill from The Simpsons.

Might be a coincidence, I don’t remember.

Peggy’s Kingdom is based off the dystopic “1985-A” from Back to the Future 2, and her Castle is, unsurprisingly, based off Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Palace And Casino from same.

This will not be the last Back to the Future reference in this comic. I….like those movies. And when this comic went up in September 2015, the idea of a dystopic America ruled by a buffoonish Biff Tannenesque character surrounded by toadies living in a giant skyscraper named after them and trying to impress their boss, an evil Russian President, seemed like a funny wacky zany idea for an alternate universe, because we didn’t live in hell yet back then.


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  1. TiredTait says:

    Getting some “the pigpen” vibes from this one

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