How is Molly reading her notes in such an atmospherically dark torture room anyway?

You have the right to remain silenced

Oh hey, it’s Amaya. She’s having a rough- Wait, did I seriously have Peggy say “No-No Zone” in the previous page and then the punchline here is “No-No Word?” Fucking Christ, past me. Anyway yeah the pig government is super prudish even though the Pig Domain is a Frank Miller novel etc etc That’s The Joke.

Ah well, “As your court-ordered defense attorney, I recommend suicide” is a funny bad guy line from Molly, so at least there’s a joke here.

Molly describing the case against Amaya as “Watertight” instead of “Airtight” is an odd word choice. It might be referencing the Cat Layer, partially submerged in water outside the tower, or possibly just I heard the word in Muppets Most Wanted and liked it.

In the top left of this page, Peggy appears to be choking out the pig from the previous page, a minor detail added by Carlos that I didn’t even notice until just now. Did I….read my comic?


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