Jill's doing her part to save on the water bill by not washing her clothes

Can’t afford to cry

Jill’s feeling a little bad about leaving Amaya to get tortured to death. This page is a callback to Jill coming back home from work right at the start of the comic, though there it was spread over two pages. This is the second instance of “Jill in traffic/Jill at the fence to her house/Jill enters her house to find Tempest next to a pile a laundry saying that X bill needs to be paid or else Y wacky punishment will happen/Jill collapses onto her bed”. This time there Jill’s a lot sadder and the laundry pile is bigger but the basic counters of her life are the same. Ain’t that the way of life.

There are, if I recall correctly, two more instances of this recurring scene in LotH (Plus a remixed version in book two where Jill walks home and collapses on the couch). I didn’t have any, like “plan” for this sequence of events happening over and over, but it let me end book one on a high note by paying it off. One of the more successful instances of laying down some groundwork and hoping I’d find a use for it later, something I did (and still do) a lot.


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  1. Flushmaster says:

    Is it possible to get a Cat Torcher poster? I’ve been wanting a good background piece for the wall behind me when I webcam people and I think that would have just the right mix of tongue in cheek and wtf-factor.

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