It would be really appropriate to play "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane here but Jill can't play chords.

Can’t go home again

Jill is willing to reconsider the Rabbit’s offer out of guilt, but they’re not there anymore.

Nothing really “happens” in this page, and nowadays the thought of writing a page where nothing happens causes me to recoil. I’d never really write a page that’s just Saffron being sad. Buuuuut, maybe that’s an over-correction? There’s something to be said for letting a moment breathe, and I wouldn’t cut this page.

The lore post for this page was a super-edgy song written by Riley, a breakup song written from the POV of an abusive boyfriend which is honestly a little incoherent. It’s basically a parade of red flags about Riley the lyricist, but we’ll see more about what he’s up to next page.

This page’s file is called “32retcon” but is identical to the large-sized HQ “32” file. I have no idea what the retcon was.


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