Mess with the bull, get the depressing realization that nothing will top messing with the bull

All oxen are entitled to an extra hour in the ball pit

Is this the last time Maeconolith the Ox appears in the comic? I think it might be. Though he is going Arrooo, much like Toast in Saffron and Sage goes Awooo. Maybe they’re cousins? Actually, are Molly and Maeconolith a beta version of Cinnamon and Toast? I certainly never thought about that until just now, but it actually kind of fits neatly enough that it might be a little subconscious self-plagiarism! Molly and Cinnamon are superficially quite different, Molly is snarky and mean whereas Cinnamon is a more overt – and more comedic – Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. But both girls are minions who generally think of themselves as cunning schemers even as their plans inevitably backfire, and are mainly dangerous because of a mute powerhouse that’s loyal to them for some reason. Here, the bad guys would have won utterly had Molly not decided to come gloat and unintentionally give Jill a reason to join the rabbits.
Which is exactly how Cinnamon is introduced in Saffron and Sage, where instead of simply shooting Saffron from a hidden position she announces her presence and repeatedly lets Saffron get free shots in.

This is my favorite page in Saffron and Sage

This isn’t a connection I’d ever made in my mind before, but it kind of works! Perhaps Cinnamon will take Molly’s catgirl mantle at some point, at least for a $5 tier pinup :3

One thought on “All oxen are entitled to an extra hour in the ball pit”

  1. nonimportante says:

    the ox is one of the most awesomely badass things i’ve ever seen. you’ve got to reuse this character design at some point he’s just to awesome.

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