Gamer Tip: To Win, Don't Lose

We can be heroes, just for one lunch break

To be honest, there’s not a huge amount to say about this page, it’s just Molly insulting Jill a bunch and unintentionally guilting Jill into maybe being more willing to be a hero. Little bit of never-pays-off foreshadowing where Molly says being a hero is for people like “You and me”, when Jill would of course be one and the plan was for Molly to eventually make a face turn as the Cat Hero. Also a minor, possibly unintentional payoff of the “Molly won’t eat the food” thing in this conversation in that she has a bottled drink instead of a fountain soda cup.

Anyway, lets just take a moment to admire Jill’s incredible Kermit the Frog face in panel 3.



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