Peggy keeping her gas by her ass sounds like the setup for a fart joke, but this is a CLASSY comic about bunny rabbits being burned to death for cheap shock value.

I go down down down, in a burning pig of fire


I don’t have much to say about this page, honestly, it (and the next one) are waaaaaaay too dark for this comic, but I didn’t really have a tone for Legend of the Hare in mind. I eventually settled on a mostly comedic take, and this page scene of Peggy burning a small child to death is, uh, not in keeping with that. So, um, thinks to talk about, thinks to talk about.

Peggy’s Gya ha ha I think is inspired by Heidegger from Final Fantasy VII, so that’s something.

Oh, Molly! Molly is introduced playing cat’s cradle with some string, a bit of foreshadowing for the never-used plot point of Molly being the Cat Champion. So was her last name, Snowshoe, which is a type of cat breed.

The red skies kind of make this scene look like it’s from Batman The Animated Series.

And that’s all I have to say on this page.


One thought on “I go down down down, in a burning pig of fire”

  1. Kasper says:

    Using the translated-from-Chinese version of “hero” here, it would seem.

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