No no, that's the children's rum let me get you the hard stuff.

Rum in the tum

Man, I love this outfit for Jill. It’s the Canon Jill Outfit for me.

So, this rum was originally intended to be a more major plot point. ┬áMolly was going to attack this scene with gloves that shot fire, and Jill would try to fight back by throwing things at her. Molly would fire blast all the projectiles, until Jill threw the rum. Molly would fire blast it, and it would explode and cause Molly to have horrible burns and swear revenge and….become a cyborg? I think? Some of these old ideas were weird and way too dark. ┬áThe “Cat Torcher” poster in Jill’s room back in page three foreshadowed her torching the cat champion. The fire gloves ended up becoming Peggy’s weapon instead of Molly’s, but more on that later.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how alcoholic something would have to be to explode. 180 proof rum is almost pure alcohol, it’s no wonder Jill wakes up with no memory of what happened. Maybe she needed rabbit powers to not die of alcohol poisoning. Amaya implying Jill’s failed at life is mean and not really based on anything Amaya has any way of knowing. I laid it on a little thick.

As Jill will point out many many pages later, the rabbits getting Jill sauced up and then letting her become the rabbit champion is super shitty of them. Why didn’t Amaya stop them? I didn’t really think about such things at the time. A lot of LotH’s scripts were written about ten minutes before Carlos had to start drawing them, so a lot of these implications never got considered. You should really edit your scripts!

Panel 3 (the “Don’t tell me how to live my life” panel) got used as a topwebcomics banner for a while. It’s a good panel for that purpose. Also good: All of Jill’s facial expressions!


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