The part of this that has aged the worst is Tempest thinking we live in enlightened times

Put the bunny back in the box

The file name says “P4(fix)”, but I don’t remember what needed to be fixed. I don’t remember a lot about this page, to be honest, but you can definately tell I wrote this before I was paying the artist, because wow not a lot happens here. There’s only four panels, too. Modern me would definately try to cram more stuff into this page. Like a joke.

The “Maybe I imagined that/Oh fuck I didn’t imagine that” is one of the most obscure references I think I’ve ever made. It’s a reference to the ProtonJon blind speedrun of Kaizo Mario World’s Special Stage 2! That’s….probably too obscure to be considered a “reference”, honestly.

Look at Jill dropping a lit cigarette on the floor what a fire hazard wow great foreshadowing for a plot point that ended up not happening go me.


One thought on “Put the bunny back in the box”

  1. maarvarq says:

    I was writing a comment about Tempest’s line being a non sequitur when the penny dropped about the rabbit being “in the closet” …

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