Good point, I'll never get out of bed again!

Trapped in the Closet

And here we are, the final page LotH launched with. This was the big tweest to get you interested in the series. Unfortunately, it comes before nearly anything about Jill is established, and I’d eventually have to undo it a little to give Jill a goal, but the story hasn’t gone off the rails quite yet.

I don’t have as much to say about this page as the first two, but I like that Jill getting out of bed takes six whole panels. We’ve all been there. Decompressed storytelling isn’t a thing that I do often enough, but back then I wasn’t the chump paying the pagerates so I felt less pressure to cram as much stuff into a page as possible, and letting this moment breathe did a lot to establish Jill’s character. I should do that kind of thing more.

Jill’s brand of cigarettes, Toasted Smokes, is I think a reference to Mad Men.


3 thoughts on “Trapped in the Closet”

  1. Flash says:

    This comic desperately needs an index. I was watching it a while ago on an RSS feed I guess stopped updating, and rediscovered it today, but I’m honestly don’t have the time to click through what I suspect will be hundreds of pages to catch up to where I was.

    1. Daniel Kelly says:

      An archive will be added shortly, the reason I haven’t gotten around to it is because there’s only three pages atm. The comic finished in 2016 at 104 pages and is now in reruns with author commentary because I accidentally deleted the original site.

      If you’re looking to archive binge, though, I have a new comic at!

      1. Flash says:

        I shall check that out! I’m surprised this one finished at 104 pages though – it seemed set to go on for much longer than that.

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