Jill thinks she's a fat and useless failure but not strongly enough to have an exclamation mark. Let's not get out of hand.

No blood for coil

“Subjacent” is a very highfalutin’ way of saying “Lower”. So highfalutin’ I had to look it up even though I originally wrote this page! Good job, past me! Peggy, of course, is deeply aware that she’s literally at the bottom of the totem pole, but goes to great lengths to hide this in her words and mannerisms. Fake it ’til you make it, Peggy!

Oof, there’s a typo in this page with “The girl you send me after”. The original files are long gone so fixing it would be a pai- I mean, it’s to indicate that Molly’s talking with her mouth full and can’t make t sounds yes that’s it.

Molly, unlike Helen, is clearly aware that she’s in the bad guy team and yet she’s really bad at personal evildoing….


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