Molly's fashion game continues to distress, but at least she ditched the yellow-on-yellow.

You’re tearing me apart, random chicken!

Despite Helen and Peggy not getting along, Helen and Molly are friends. This friendship will pay off shortly, but I wish I’d gotten more into it, since Molly’s so sadistic and Helen seems to not be particular down with being on the evil team.

I’m not quite sure what Molly’s stalled out career ambitions that Helen’s ribbing her on were ever meant to be. I knew Molly would get promoted to Cat Champion (or “knew”, since it never happened), but what’s her actual goal on being with the evil team. I guess she just really likes being evil?

“Oh hi, Alvarez, how’s your sex life” is obviously a reference to The Room, and Molly’s final line, which is not a punchline at all, was meant to be foreshadowing Molly’s horrible burns, which I’d pushed back in my mind until the explosion in the Jill/Peggy fight later and then never really did it. I’m surprised with my past self that I hadn’t dropped this idea by now, it was already clear LotH was moving in more of a comedy direction.


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