"Women in California have fake crop tops?"
"No, you idiot"

Orange you glad you’re not in California?

I feel like Riley spitting out the orange slice is meant to be symbolic, given how much of a close up of him voring the orange we get, but I can’t remember what it was symbolic of. Guess we’ll save that discussion for our English essays.

Starflower calling Riley a dog and Riley responding that he’s a rock star is much more obvious foreshadowing, though, for him become the rock-star themed Dog Champion. I did a lot more foreshadowing in LotH than I do in Saffron and Sage, and to be honest it’s a habit I desperately need to get back into.

I really like Riley’s hand gesture when talking all these California women with their fake tits and crop tops. Instead of miming fondling a woman’s breasts, he’s miming being a woman and looking down his own shirt. Let’s not pyscho-analyze that too much, but it’s kind of an interesting choice in gesture.


One thought on “Orange you glad you’re not in California?”

  1. Myk Streja says:

    Not so much a Rock Star as a Cro-Magnon man. He’s even got the sloping forehead and beetled brow.

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