The local legend is that Ketchupyonnaise is some dude's jizz, but officially there are only trace amounts of human semen in any of Doink Burger products.

All customers are entitled to an extra hour in the bull pit

Maeconolith sitting in the ball pit is a fun visual. First reference to shockingly popular minor character Helen, too. I also think Jill and Molly’s interaction is good. There’s a notable uptick in LotH’s quality around this point, though there are still some issues. Most notably here, “Dodecascrofa”. Holy Christ, what a mouthful of a name, and one that sounds vaguely dirty at that. All the layer names reference the number in the zodiac and then something about the animal. So the rabbit kingdom is “Cloverfield” because “Clover” means 4 and it’s a field because rabbits live in fields (Apparently there’s a movie named Cloverfield, but I hoped people wouldn’t remember it. Whoops!). The pig kingdom is “Dodeca” because it’s the 12th one, and “Scrofa” because the domestic pig’s scientific name is Sus Scrofa. Even here, the page the name is introduced, I’m making a joke about how dumb it is, but really I should have just changed it. Which I eventually did because the Dog Kingdom is simply called “Dogland”, though we’re 60-odd pages away from that.

Jill’s hand is bandaged up because, as she said back in page 17, she’s not allowed to have visible tattoos.

Molly’s last name, “Snowshoe”, is also a breed of cat, which is more foreshadowing for a plot twist that never paid off.


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