Jill mentions "stock" while Amaya fights a bull. If I were a bit more clever when writing this, I could've made some great Stock Market jokes.

Step on a crack, break Amaya’s back

Action scene, so not a whole lot to talk about here, except that this page probably shouldn’t exist at all. Nowadays I try to not have long action scenes. Even in Saffron and Sage, they drag a little.

We never find out about “that video game” that Jill had issues with. It works better as a noodle incident. Was it a bad gig and Jill was right, or was Jill just reluctant to make any changes to her life. Maybe both.

Riley’s line about getting a new bassist seems like a throwaway, but it’s actually foreshadowing. I had an idea of Jill surpassing Riley to become a Lead Guitar instead of “just” a bassist, but that never quite came together (though she is playing an acoustic guitar in the short-lived Book 2). I had this idea that Riley made Jill learn the bass and was thus “holding her back” from being the real star, which I’m sure is an idea that annoys the hell out of any bassists reading this. Poor bass players don’t get enough love.


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