Viola's so sad you weren't surprised!

What a tweest!

It’s hardly theĀ worst creative decision in Legend of the Hare, but I think Viola’s Zelda cosplay here is the mostĀ inexplicable, at least to me. The pig domain is 1985-A from Back to the Future II. The unseen Cock domain is 1885 Hill Valley from Back to the Future III. The Dog Domain is 1955 from the original Back to the Future (which is why there are fish on the Dog Champion banner; since in the movie it’s the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance). So why is Viola dressed like Zelda? Like, she’s a princess, but why Zelda? My humor is often referential, often too referential, but this is just a reference for reference’s sake and I don’t know why I did it when Viola is already supposed to be a reference to something else entirely.

Anyway, more positively, I like all the dogs not reacting to this big reveal, which like half a dozen people in the comments guess pages ago. It wasn’t really a big twist.

The King dressing like Elvis is also kind of predictable, but fine. If I really wanted to go long I’d have made him a Komondor, a dog breed called “the king of dogs”, but I wasn’t really googling for ideas back then. I do like how quickly the relationship between Riley and the King is established. That could’ve been a fun dynamic if the comic went longer.


3 thoughts on “What a tweest!”

  1. Thorfinn says:

    There seem to be several collarless dogs here – isn’t that illegal (or does that law only apply to the lower classes)?

  2. Myk Streja says:

    Even though the link to the vote incentive is broken, the TWC site is still being voted on despite there being no link on comic’s page. So, here it is:

    _(Or click on my username, I linked to the vote.)_

  3. Boojum says:

    Her dress is Wind Waker Zelda, right? Doesn’t she wait around under the sea a whole bunch, in a plausibly enchanted way?

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