I take full responsibility and officially apologize for the doge.

Mr. Dogman, Snog Me A Dog

It’s chapter 3! The only chapter that announces itself (Page 64, the big animation, was the end of Chapter 1, so pages 65-87 are apparently Chapter 2). It’s got a chapter subtitle and everything!

Peggy’s kingdom was based on the “Biff Tannen rules everything” bad timeline version of Hill Valley from Back to the Future 2. Dogland (A much simpler name than “Dodecascrofa”, even if it breaks the naming convention), is based more on the 1955 Hill Valley from the first movie. In fact, this whole page is a reference to the scene of Marty arriving in Hill Valley and realizing he’s in 1955. There’s no deeper meaning to this. I just really like that movie.


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  1. someone says:

    I take it the hydrant symbol is used to indicate the presence of toilets.

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