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Socks to be you

This page was the first flame war I ever had in my comments section. I was accused of hating white men (which was amazing) and had to hand out my first few bans. This page got more comments than the Big Special Page coming up soon.

Anyway, hey, Jill’s Magical Girl outfit. It’s a mix of Irish Stepdancer outfit and “pro wrestler”, and is one of only three outfits I was really working closely with the artist on (the other’s being Helen’s magical girl outfit and Liri’s “work clothes” over in Saffron and Sage. It was an outfit I was hoping to see a cosplayer in one day, but alas and alack making a comic does not instantly make you famous it turns out. I commissioned Mary Cagle (of Sleepless Domain fame) to draw a chibi Jill in this outfit, and while streaming it she complemented the design and an aspect of the (SPOILER) sword’s design and I was really proud 🙂


One thought on “Socks to be you”

  1. Mark G. says:

    Aaaaand magical girl time!

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