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Those fries were perfectly good, Molly!
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This is arguably the sexiest page in Legend of the Hare, especially if bees turn you on.

“The boats”, more formally known as Scaphism, as a method of execution that the ancient Persians were alleged to use, but the Ye Olde Greek Dude who alleged it also claimed that Indians could use their comically oversized feet as umbrellas, so it’s probably just some wacky shocking over-the-top claim about Those Foreigners Sure Are Barbaric Unlike Us. Is it a real thing in-universe? Probably not, I think I was moving away from the grimdark already by this point, but it led to a funny sequence of mental images.

One of the real problems I was having writing Jill is that a passive character who doesn’t want to do anything needs to be pulled kicking and screaming through the plot. Amaya’s attempt to scare Jill, which (spoilers!) just makes Jill feel guilty, is an attempt to give Jill any kind of motivation at all. It also sort of unintentionally led into Jill’s main character engine, wherein she’s primarily driven by whatever emotion she’s feeling at the moment, but that’s a discussion for another page.